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  • Stylish Statements with Bold Modern Silk Scarves

    I love bold modern silk scarves. There's nothing better than an expressive unique scarf design that can elevate a look and transform something basic into something extraordinary. With a silk scarf and a little DIY creativity, a person can create a signature look. Whether it's around the neck, accentuating a waist, tied as a top, or even as a hair accessory, scarves make a statement, but not all silk scarves are created equal. Scarves that stand out have unique designs that are both memorable and made with fine quality fabric. This is where artskul scarves live. 
  • What Track Are You On? Setting 2020 Resolutions and Decade Long Goals

    Ever feel like your life is about to change? I do. I think about life-changing moments, especially when I'm around trains. For me, they are a metaphor for change. The train has arrived at the station. It's one of those moments for me. It's also one of those moments for you. You didn't come here randomly to read this. You're about to board "The Fate Train" too.