What Track Are You On? Setting 2020 Resolutions and Decade Long Goals

Ever feel like your life is about to change?

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ärtskül pocket squares and scarves.  Luxury designer scarves with a touch of attitude. I do. I think about life-changing moments, especially when I'm around trains. For me, they are a metaphor for change.                                                                        Two trains simultaneously arrive on a platform. They're going in different directions. Which train are you going to board? I've had many of those moments. Some of those rides have been a better journey than others. The longer and unexpected train rides, which I call "The Sight-Seeing Trains," are like the detours in life, but they are also just as necessary. They have the power to help realign your perspective and prepare you for the next time you find yourself on the platform.

The train has arrived at the station. It's one of those moments for me. It's also one of those moments for you. You didn't come here randomly to read this. You're about to board "The Fate Train" too.

2020 is the beginning of a new decade. With the dawn of every new decade, there is power in it. What are your intentions, and how far are you willing to go to make it happen? The first step is to have faith in yourself and to be ready to surrender to whatever and wherever the journey will take you. When choosing what train to board, have specific goals in mind, but know that when the destination is right and true in your heart, you'll find yourself on "The Destiny Express." However, if you happen to board "The Sight-Seeing Train," it's precisely for that reason - to be able to see clearly and know that it will lead you to the destination where you ultimately need to be at a later time. Be open, have faith, let go of any sense of time and/or schedule, and be willing and ready to surrender your ego to claim it.

There's a certain magic in the air. It feels like timelines are converging. I hear their horns in the distance and feel the rushing wind swirl around me from their simultaneous arrival on both sides of the station's platform. I am here with my niece Mia, and I took these series of photos because it's a part of who I am. My dad worked on the railroad, and trains remind me of my childhood. Matter of fact childhood is what inspired the fine-art series Baby Pop, Inc., Artskul's inspiration for our first collection of luxury scarves. Mia is wearing our Baby Pop Pocket Square as a neckerchief. The scarf is silky smooth to the touch and manufactured by skilled craftsmen in Italy.  My camera captures this moment and I'm in the middle of preparing for a gifting suite event that is for and precedes the Golden Globes.

artskul is one of the brands featured in one of the 2020 Award Season gift suites. I always enjoy watching the Golden Globes, and this fantastic opportunity would not have happened if I didn't have the help of an amazing woman who I met at a past "Fate Train" moment. She was the woman I hoped I was going to work for, when in fact, she's the one that had to lay me off in a studio-wide downsizing. I never imagined that five years later, we would be on the platform together again, and she would be there to help me board the train towards destiny and supporting my dream.

I didn't have the 2020 Golden Globes on my vision board, but I did have the support for leading and living a creative life and opening myself up to help received. It's time. Set your intentions for 2020, but also think about and envision your life for the next decade. It can be overwhelming, but I know long-term planning works. It's a roadmap to get you to where you want to be. What "Fate Train" are you about to board? Like me, give your dream a chance. Be Fearless. Be Bold, and above all else, Be Kind. You never know if that person closing a door will be there to open it at a time you that you need it. Thanks, Lisa G., for being on the platform with me and doing me a solid. I'm eternally grateful for the support.

There's more to come from artskul in 2020 and in the decade ahead. Aside from our luxury scarves in cashmere, silk, and cotton, we will be dropping other products as well. I hope you'll be along with us for the ride. And, I hope you'll make your dream a reality in the year and decade ahead too. Start now. Make it real and share it below in the comments. And while you're here, follow us on Instagram @artskul_official and sign up for our newsletter.

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