Life is better lived with art - wearing it, living it, being it.

Designed in the USA  | Produced in Como, Italy

 ärtskül's Baby Pop Ribbon scarf is draped on a damaged and broken reproduction of Michelangelo's David.  ärtskül scarves are designed in Los Angeles and produced in Italy.

Wildly Independent.

Rebellious. Quirky. Fun. 

Hi! I'm Dawn and I'm the founder of ärtskül. While working in the entertainment industry, I had a vision for a brand that embodies what it means to live artfully and embrace a creative lifestyle. While working, I spent my free time going to school to learn everything from photography to perfume making.  Art and school were the two things that I loved the most and that is what inspired me to name the brand ärtskül.

All ärtskül products are original and for now, are based on my photography series. The first products I produced were luxury scarves. I traveled to Italy and found the scarf manufacturer behind the world's best haute couture brands. Working with them, I produced premium quality cashmere, modal, and silk scarves. 

Now, I am launching a series of graphic tees and baby onesies from my fine art photography project Baby Pop, Inc. Inspired by childhood memories, Baby Pop, Inc. is a fine art series that juxtaposes a whimsical sensibility with a deeper subtext. The series utilizes memory, themes, various issues, and real-world concerns to explore contextual differences. With a quirky visual narrative, the art series includes satirical photographs and sculptures. The icon from the series is on the various garments in the Baby Pop capsule collection.  The first photo in the series was sold to Mindy Kaling at a museum fundraiser.  

ärtskül has been a labor of love. It’s proof that when you have passion and a commitment to manifest a dream into reality, it is possible to Live Artfully.  

Thanks for being here, learning about ärtskül, and sharing our story.  

Live Artfully,

Dawn Rosenquist 
Founder & CEO