Dare To Be Different: One Scarf For The Various Versions of You | ärtskül

"There are, and have been, and will be an infinite number of things on Earth: Individuals all different, all wanting different things, all knowing different things, all loving different things, all looking different… That is what I love: the differentness." - Diane Arbus

There were always two great recurring themes in Arbus' work, "differentness and otherness." She had a keen ability to discover the most unique and peculiar people in our everyday world. And - It's those people we never forget. They are original, memorable, and we want to know more about who they are. I love Diane Arbus' work. For me, it's like a voyeuristic experience into another world. Her identical twins shot inspired this image.

To me, the twin image we created across our initial campaign represents the two sides of ourselves. Who I am at the office is very different from who I am at night, I'm sure the same is true for you. I like the idea that an accessory like our ärtskül scarves can be the bridge between the various versions of you. Your style transition from day to night can easily be made with a few creative ties and a little imagination. That's what ärtskül is all about  - Live Artfully & Play Artfully. 

Check out our website and see the various ways you can transition our ärtskül scarves from the office to the street and into the evening.

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