Hey ärtskül...Why Babies?

Artskul's Baby Pop Cashmere Blend Scarf. Luxurious and soft to the touch.  It's the perfect accessory to compliment any look.I had brunch with some of my girlfriends recently, and I talked about manifesting my dreams and bringing ärtskül to life. I was showing them my scarves, and they asked about the significance of baby dolls in my art. I frequently get asked that question, so I thought I would write about the backstory on how that came to be.


I still have the very first baby doll my Nana gave me as a child. I remember how much Nana loved her baby dolls, and I guess because I loved her so much, they became a symbol of her love for me. My Nana kept her babies hidden away. I always sensed how special they were to her, and she seemed to reflect on the happiest times in her life when she brought them out. Thinking back, it was as if the wonder of childhood and all the promises and hope that comes with it came back to life for her. Childhood has a magical quality that enables us to see the world with a fresh perspective and feel all that life has to offer with an open and honest heart. 

One day when I was very young, I was told that it was time to grow up, and all my toys were suddenly gone. I never saw any of them again until years later, after my Nana passed. I was happy to find them, and as my Nana before me, I was able to reflect on happier times.  Since then, the baby doll object and it's symbolic meaning have become an integral part of my art.

The baby icon is the focus of my first collection based on my series, Baby Pop, Inc. It's also the key image for the launch of my new baby - my brand ärtskül. The meaning and what ärtskül stands for is to live artfully, to see the beauty in life, and to appreciate, learn, and experience art, which can change our world if we let it. When we can live authentically, beauty happens, and somehow, it magically makes the world a better and more meaningful place. 

Thanks for being here and checking out my scarves. They are a labor of love. I went to Italy and found the best manufacturer, who also works with the world's top luxury brands. I can't wait to share more about my product development journey, in the meantime, while you're here visiting ärtskül, check out my Cashmere-Blend and Silk Twill Nana Scarves. There's a story to those, and given my choice of name, it should be evident that my beloved Nana inspires them. The Nana line will be interpreted in all my future collections. I hope you will create, collect, and curate your world with ärtskül's Baby Pop Nana scarves.  

Until next time... 

Follow Your Passion & Live Artfully,  

Dawn Rosenquist